We offer a repair service for all types of components.

Rework is the term for the operation of refinishing or repair of an electronic printed circuit board (PCB). Massive processing techniques are not applicable to the repair or replacement of a single device so specialized techniques are required to replace faulty components - specially on Ball Grid Array (BGA) devices.

Normally, a full recovery circuit includes some adaptations to be made one by one. To repair a successfully a board requires that no damage ocurred to the drives or the PCB itself. The first step is called desoldering and involves the separation of a single SMD (Surface Mounted Device) board after all solder joints between these two parties have been merged. Then seats are cleaned by heating the matrix melting zone. The precise placement of the new unit on the pad array requires a high resolution vision system and very precise alignment device controlled by a skilled operator.

  • Reballing
  • Rework
  • Rework station

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