SMD and surface mount technology

SMD and surface mount technology

Prototypes and series manufacture of PCB's with SMD Surface Mount Technology for all types of packages: 0201, QFP, BGA, Package-on-Package (POP), etc.

The SMT (Surface Mount Technology) is the most advanced construction method of electronic systems today. The assembly of the components, usually called surface mount devices SMD is made on the surface of the printed circuit versus the technology of through hole components, which pass through the printed circuit board from one side to another. SMD are often smaller and connections are made via flat contacts, through a matrix of spheres at the bottom by metallic finishes on the edges of the component.

This type of technology has largely replaced the THT in the production large series of devices, low power consumption (as portable devices), or sall multifuncional equipment like computers, measurement and instrumentation sytems. Due to their small size the assemblage requires more automation in production lines, reducing costs and increasing production. SMD components can be between one quarter and one tenth of the weight, and cost between a quarter and half, of equivalent through hole components.

Advantages of this technology

  • Reduce weight and dimensions.
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Reducing the number of drill holes are needed in the board
  • Allow greater automation in the manufacturing process equipment
  • Enable integration on both sides of the printed circuit.
  • Reduce electromagnetic interference due to the smaller size of the contacts (important at high frequencies).
  • Improve performance under conditions of vibration or mechanical stress.
  • In the case of passive components such as resistors and capacitors, its values are more precise.
  • Assemble is more accurate.

Disadvantages of this technology

  • Due to the small size of the components human handling is not possible rising initial costs in early stagees of development of a production project.
  • Componentes SMD
  • Montaje robotizado SMD
  • Placa sistema SMD

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